Agency New Business pitch. 

Design evolved over several presentations based on research, internal development, and external feedback

Presentations, swag, Ad LOBS, motion comps, and suggesting to the team that we lean in to AR, interactivity, and motion billboards instead of more traditional print and TVCs.



Google slides

Design based on new Vis ID, provided by client night before the Tissue Session (2/3), fast turnaround to re-design the deck (lots of pages). The client loved it, saying that the design captured the energy of the brand. So that was great feedback, YAY!!


Google slides has limits from a design perspective, but it's great for real time collaboration. To make the design work, used a custom brand font exported as png for cover, system fonts for editable pages. 

Divider pages had the same "digital woo zoom" so the viewer knows that we are at a new section, and pays more attention to the content than the pretty picture. Loved the dynamism and digital nature of the perspective lines. Crispy.

Stay flexible :: work in the best way for the team at the time.



Google slides

The brand colors were Red, White, and Grey and we knew Frontier was in the process of redesigning their Visual ID with another team. Felt like it was important to differentiate from Verizon (internet provider competitor also using Red as main color with a very consistent visual language),at the same time didn’t want to try to pre-empt the branding team by inventing a new color palette in case we went in a different direction, wanted to be able to walk design back gracefully and align with bigger vision.

Took the opportunity to play with some contemporary fonts for accents (Fahkwang) making the design a bit more future forward and edgy, kept to readable/friendly/accessible Proxima Nova for main content.  

Images explores a range of possibilities for where a Telecommunications brand could go, from live action cinematic TV stills (selected from agency work), to more experimental data shapes for Web 3.0 vibes), and a little space travel for good measure. Wanted to float some ideas in the client’s direction to see if we could gain some insight into what was resonating.

Images FPO and are a combination of Client work, Getty (licensed to client) and Unsplash (credit on page). Reproduced to show example of design layout. Please reach out if I can credit you, or would prefer images to be taken down: