Have had the pleasure of supporting Equinox on a number of presentations over the years.

From working with internal teams to pitch new ideas, to live events with multiple presenters at exquisite venues, and translating the format to digital events.


For Sales Forum 2022 worked closely with Gary Browne, SVP Sales, to develop the upfront narrative. We talked a lot about how to bring the energy of a live event to a digital presentation in a post-COVID world. 

Images selected from The Vault, the asset archive. Some images were new creative, being show internally for the first time (everyone was excited, they look great). There were +500 of the Sales Team on the virtual call, we had music, videos, rehearsals, multiple presenters, awards, applause, and lots of laughter. 

While the digital version was no substitute for being together in person, Made a GIF of group photos of all the teams, it's lovely to see everyone and feel connected, Zoom backgrounds for presenters.

Adapting a template that we had been using for a while to new brand guidelines, mainly a new font. We kept the end Thank You slide after hearing that it was some people's favorite.

Have mapped the process that we developed to support other internal teams with digital award events for Group Fitness and Personal Training. Constantly developing and learning with everyone's contributions.

Images FPO and belong to Equinox and the Creators, reproduced to show example of design layout. Please reach out if I can credit you, or would prefer images to be taken down: am@ambermcdonald.net